Why America Is Tired of Politicians…

I penned this response to a Missouri State Speaker of the House who sent me a press release patting himself on the back for an award he received. The “Veto-Proof” majorities in both the house and senate failed on the most important veto overrides that were up for a vote only a scant week prior to my receiving his self-congratulating letter.  I thought this response appropriate. You might too.


With all Due Respect Mr. Jones, I am not really interested in what kind of awards you receive.

I am interested in why a ‘veto-proof’ house and senate could not, would not, do their duty to protect, defend and ‘interpose’ themselves between the citizens, taxpayers, gun owners, ccw holders, license holders, lawful residents and quite angry people of the state of Missouri against an overbearing, oppressive, authoritarian, money wasting, squabbling, self-serving, and truly reprehensible government of the state. And that of our nation.

We are tired of ‘alleged’ representatives heaping self-congratulatory back-patting praise upon themselves and the shoulders of their cronies. We see all of you for the obsequious aggregators, the addicts of money, fame and power that all you are. Each member of the state assembly is guilty. Some for reversing their votes, some for voting in the first place. Some for even writing legislation… and all for failing to repeal the vast rivers of legalistic diarrhea that carry us further down the rabbit hole of state sponsored fascism every day. You think your job is to pass legislation. But we gave you a different mandate: We told you to leave us alone, stay out of our way, our businesses, our bedrooms, our cars, our kitchens and to keep off our land. To let us keep the fruits of our labor so we could better our own lives. But no, you think you know what’s best for us, and what’s worse; you think that we will eventually see the wisdom of your oversight in almost every aspect of our lives.

For the record, we’re sick and tired of people who gain office claiming to be advocates of small gov’t, fiscal responsibility and returning power to the citizenry, but then turn right around and pass more legislation, fail to repeal the burdens of the past legislators who’ve raped and violated us “for our own good”, and fail to recognize your true role. Government has only one function Sir. It is to protect the rights of the smallest minority. The minority of one. We sent you there to be courageous leaders, guided by the wisdom and an understanding of the Constitutions of our state and our nation.

What we’ve been given for generations is simply betrayal, lies, misdirection, misrepresentation, shallow acclaim and shameless self-promotion.

Let it be known. Until you do right by us, meaning WE the People: you should know that everything you do, every endeavor you make, every bill you pass, every award you hang upon your wall, every article you show your family with pride, every smile on your face, every surge of pride in your own accomplishments… All of it comes to naught. It is all dust before the feet of those who’ve honored you, trusted you, bestowed our hopes and dreams and desires into you. We gave you a delegated ‘power of attorney’ to act on our behalf. We entrusted you to act on our behalf, but to act as our fiduciary, not our master. We spent our scant and scarce ‘widows mite’, our efforts, our time, our sweat, and in many cases our blood, to put you on that pedestal you so proudly spin upon.

Yet you, all of you, severally and collectively have betrayed us. We feel no warmth at your accomplishments because it came at a price to us. A price we’ve been paying for nigh unto a century. A price of loss and disappointment, of grief and despair.

Our taxes increase while you fritter our life blood away upon fruitless and wasteful ‘projects’. Our schools have become indoctrination camps for the ‘collectivist’ thinking of all the we abhor. Our laws are so convoluted and twisted, even the ‘esquires’ among us cannot unravel the spaghetti. Our property is taken, nay stolen, at a whim of some faraway bureaucrat. Our rights of self-protection are whittled away by those who pay for protection. Our God given, founder reiterated right to own and possess a firearm to protect us from the likes of you, and the government you represent (because surely you no longer represent us), are stripped and ‘infringed’ at every turn. Our streets, roads and bridges fall into disrepair while our taxes pay for restoration of a park we’ll never visit, a sidewalk we’ll never walk upon, a hospital that will never serve us, or a study to learn why spoons make people fat. Our health degrades as the price of basic care extends beyond the reach of almost all of us. Our food is poisoned by the very companies that fill your re-election coffers with gold. Our citizens are tempted beyond all strength to become dependent upon the largesse of those who spend, not their own resources, but steal from us to lavishly earn another vote. The stench of corruption and death is upon all of you. Like an aura, it pervades and permeates the very space around you.

So we’re not proud of you for your awards and accolades. You’ve joined a long line of others who have received this award in your announcement below. Look upon the names and tell me that they have steadfastly represented the people. Tell me that they have done their appointed job with honor, integrity and self-less sacrifice. Tell me that they have done the will of the people. You can’t. Because you know better. You know it to be untrue.

But, WE the People know who, and what, all of you are. We get it. We’ve been waiting patiently for you to have a change of heart. A moment of clarity. A moment of courage. A twinge of conscience.

Alas, our hopes have grown dim. Our faith is shattered. Our desire to continue to trust you beyond all reasonableness is gone. We’ve lost the ability to hearken to the cry of ‘wolf’ one more time. Oh, it is true, that those who benefit from your existence will continue to grovel at your feet. But these days are short lived. The winter comes.

WE the silent sufferers of all the torment you heap upon us. WE the downtrodden, the broken and the betrayed. WE the People will yet stand tall and regain our strength. Our time is coming and our purpose is clear. Our eyes are wide and our minds awake. Our courage is growing and our fates await. We know the price we will pay for our past apathy and mistakes and we are ready to make amends to ourselves, our progeny, our ancestors and our God. He has planted the kernel of freedom and liberty in us. And like starving men we will water and nurture and cajole the tree of Liberty back to life, to once again feed upon its fruits.

So enjoy your moment in the sun. Our branches will soon overshadow your small place.

Michael Evans
Americas Voice Now

2 Responses to Why America Is Tired of Politicians…

  1. Ellen Thompson April 27, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    THAT was one of, if not the most, straightforward reprimands and statements of accountability that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I truly don’t think it could be any better said by anyone. The hat that I do not wear is off to you, Sir.

  2. Steve Haybeck January 14, 2014 at 9:11 pm

    I feel we have lost our soul as a country. I no longer recognize it for what it used to be. Could this be the end of our nation?


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