What kind of President knowingly, willfully, intentionally injures the citizenry and his own nation?

republic in distressThe news is alive that the fact that the Obama administration is intentionally making the government shut down as painful as possible.  See articles here, here & here.

Examples abound of closing national parks, even when the federal gov’t doesn’t pay for them.  Cutting off our military from sports programming, closing 1,100 square miles of open international ocean, locking off web sites like the FCC and other petty actions don’t make this administration look petty, they make it look criminal, bordering on treasonous.  Knowing something about web development and websites, keeping static content available costs absolutely zero.  Sure I might buy a ‘splash’ page pop-up that announces that no updates will be made and information is historical only, but blocking access to literally thousands of pages of content is a temper tantrum, not fiscal governance.

Knowing that closing national parks, the Blue Ridge parkway, Inns and historical sites (at gunpoint) that are funded by private donations and public commerce isn’t cutting back.  It is willful damage perpetrated on the nation by a petulant child who is having a hissy fit.  Worse yet, it can actually destroy industry, businesses, and cost us literally billions in lost revenues, productivity and has already damaged our international reputation.  Let’s not think for a moment that world is not laughing uproariously at those ‘crazy americans’ who cut off their own noses to spite their faces.

If we look at the facts in an honest and forthright manner, it’s clear that both parties are at fault and using the nation and their ‘serfs’ as pawns in what clearly amounts to a game for them.  Obama’s attempt to “Keep the Serfs out of the Surf, by closing the Florida Bay and open ocean is a glaring example of the intentional ‘scorched earth’ actions of this President.  These are not functions or locations that require resources, the ocean has been there for millenia doing just fine without the police patrolling it.  If only they would apply so much energy and resources to our our southern border and the body of illegal immigrants overstaying visas, we might actually have something worth cheering about.

What is made abundantly clear by all of these examples is how far this president is willing to go to actually hurt the country he claims an allegiance to.  His sworn duty and oath is to act in the best interests of the nation.  Hurting small businesses, families, veterans, hikers, campers, fisherman, industry and whole market segments of our GDP in order to make some egotistical point is not only uncalled for, it is tantamount to criminal.

Neither party is exempt from blame here.  But it is worthy of mention that the job of congress is not to acquiesce to everything the president wants.  O’care was passed by dems only.  Using the purse to throttle executive or even party overreach has a historical basis from the founders onward.  And lest anyone think this is a party thing, there is ample empirical evidence to the contrary.  Both have sadly betrayed us for generations. What this IS about is our nation and governing by temper tantrum is abusive of the admins ‘imagined’ power and authority.  No president has the right to willfully hurt the citizenry or damage the nation.  No Matter What.

We given both parties of gov’t a power-of-attorney to act on our behalf so that we can have a society that is lawful, peaceful and cooperatively functional.  But the key operative phrase is ON OUR BEHALF.  They have violated their fiduciary responsibility to us and that is the core of this issue.  Whether the elephants would stoop to doing this kind of intentional ‘rape and pillage’ of the nation is not germane to the issue, the fact is they probably would if they were in the catbird seat.

But they have approved numerous bills and are passing more, to fund everything collectively or as stand-alone appropriations.  For the record, that is exactly how the government is supposed to work.  The ‘omnibus’ passage of bills, budgets and laws has only given us national indigestion for generations.  Each appropriation should stand on its own merits.  Otherwise how do we keep track of the trillions spent ‘allegedly’ on our behalf?

Congress even made the offer, irrespective of why, to fund even Obamacare so long as the individual mandate was levied on themselves and even that minor, but obviously logical, amendment was dismissed.  This all or nothing strategy is diametrically opposed to common-sense, ethics, integrity, honesty and honor.  But alas, I should remember we’re talking about congress and the president here.

In short, what we now have is two entities who believe that they are each above the law.  That WE the People as the true body of the nation should submit to being hacked, surgically slice and diced, and starved of the fruits of our labors.  After all, don’t we collectively own all of it?  That we should merely be silent and acquiesce, that it’s OK to be used as pawns in this game of thrones.

Regardless of where you stand on the ideological line, irrespective of what party you cleave to, this is wrong for America and wrong for WE The People.  It is hurting us in ways which won’t show until the dust is settled but will have long term ramifications nonetheless.  Willful, injurious actions taken by this administration with the express intent to harm are intolerable and must be rejected by every American.

Refusing to see that or using misdirection to support an ideological bias is merely intellectually dishonesty.





2 Responses to What kind of President knowingly, willfully, intentionally injures the citizenry and his own nation?

  1. Tim Young October 31, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    I agree with what Mike said above.I also believe that it is way past time for those who are legally eligable to vote to stop supporting the so called two party system,which realy is ,to be truthfull about the matter,a one party system,Uncle Sams Party.Its time we started supporting what is known as third party candidates.Imysef have been doing this every chance that i have been given every since 2008.And i intend to continue doing this for as long as viable third party candidates are available.If you truly vote for what you believe in then your vote is never wasted.

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