The Plan To “Take Back America” – Place ALL state and federal capitols under ‘Civil Disobedient’ Siege

Plan To Take Back America by Civil DisobedienceLadies and Gentlemen, the time has arrived for us to make or break.  No longer can we sit and ponder, “who will do something?”, “who is going to stop the tyranny and treasonous actions of our state and federal governments?”

Today all that ends.  Today we take our nation back by peaceful, civil disobedience and siege.

Today we commit to bring all state and federal governments, agencies and branches to a screeching, blood curdling halt.  No more fear, no more hiding in the shadows.  Today you will make a choice;  “I am an American Patriot who will solve this problem”, or “I am choosing the side of slavery and betrayal.”

Either you are the solution… or, you ARE the problem.

The time for vacillation and hand-wringing are done.  Today we as a nation, as a people, as a business, as a parent, as a child, as a family, today, we take action.  We will starve this beast into submission.  We will bring the entire nation and every state to a screeching halt economically and peacefully using the tool of Civil Disobedience.

Prepare yourselves for trouble, discomfort, hunger, cold and fear. But most importantly… prepare yourself for SUCCESS.  Success in restoring our nation to the Rule of Law, to morals, ethics, honesty, and the courage to take on the hard and painful task of bringing order to chaos.

Our nation is at the end of a long road.  From here the road goes Left or Right.  There is no more straight ahead.

Here’s the plan:

All businesses:  

  1. Cease sending in sales taxes, employee contribution taxes and any other funds that go to the state or federal governments.
  2. Withhold any payments made to any government agency, either state or federal until the demands are met.
  3. Withhold all real estate tax payments
  4. Withhold all payments  to banks, mortgage companies, auto loans, credit card companies, revolving lines of credit, Real Estate taxes
  5. Cease all orders for new products and services
  6. Place the funds in designated ‘escrow’ accounts and withhold the funds until the state and federal governments capitulate.
  7. The End Goal?  Bring all commerce, funding and payments to a halt.  No money moves, period.  No product moves, Period.

All individuals:

  1. Prepare yourselves and families to take shifts in ‘camping’ out in front of the state and federal capitols until ALL demands are met.
  2. Withhold all payments to banks, mortgage companies, auto loans, credit card companies.
  3. Place all funds in a designated ‘escrow’ account and withhold the funds until the state and federal governments capitulate.
  4. Purchase only what you need in food & fuel for a 90 day window.
  5. Don’t worry, it can’t last that long.  Remember, 90% of America has only enough food to last 3 days.  Understand that state governments are required by law to pay ALL bills with real money and they don’t have the luxury of a Federal Reserve who can print endless greenbacks.  States will break within 10-15 days… maybe less.
  6. The End Goal?  Starve The Beast.  Bring all commerce to a halt.  No work, no taxes paid, no purchases, no commerce, no movement.  A complete and total freeze of all money, supplies, and work.

When does this begin?  

Suggested Date:  July 4th, 2013.  Independence Day. 


  • We’re Not Leaving Until YOU Do!
  • America – Free At Last!
  • Freedom & Liberty – We The People Is ALL Of Us!
  • Enough Is Enough – We Want Our Nation Back!
  • Our Constitution IS The Law Of The Land!
  • End Government Lawlessness!
  • Government Under Siege – Not Citizens!
  • Government Has Boundaries – We The People Enforce Them!

What will happen? 

  1. A complete and total freeze will be impossible to hide from not only every individual in our nation, the entire world will be forced to take notice.
  2. The mass media will at first try to ignore it.  Thankfully, there is enough ‘alternative’ media sources that will cover the planet with the news that America is in peaceful REVOLT.  “Those crazy American’s are taking their nation back for the 2nd time!”
  3. State Governments will be the first to capitulate.  Their funding is generally ‘hand to mouth’.  Without monetary resources from sales taxes and income tax paid via employers, they will be bereft of funds within days.
  4. The Federal Government can print money (Illegally via the Federal Reserve – A private cabal of Banksters).  They however also rely on tax revenues sent in from employers.  They cannot print indefinitely.  Further, the pressure from states, individuals and the globe will be impossible to ignore.
  5. The Federal Government will not last beyond a few weeks or perhaps a couple of months at most.

What is the Goal?

The goal of this process is to take back our nation, peacefully, civilly, but with unrelenting force.  No government can exist without funding from the citizenry.  Everyone knows and acknowledges that our state and federal governments are completely out of control in relation to both money and abuse of power.

Our goal is to cut off the money supply and starve the beast to death.  Either it will capitulate to our demands, or it will die.  In either event, We The People will come out of this period with our nation intact and our Constitution again in full force and effect.

So what demands are we making?

  1. All existing members of congress resign pending an emergency nationwide election for both state and federal governments.
  2. President Barack Obama must resign pending an emergency national election to replace him.
  3. No current member of congress may run again in the emergency election
  4. Nationwide personal taxation at a level not to exceed 10% of income.
    1. Everyone pays, not 51% – everyone.
    2. No deductions, no loopholes
  5. Nationwide corporate taxation at a level not to exceed 20%.
    1. No deductions, no loopholes
    2. If a corporation attempts to avoid paying taxes by ‘hiding’ or sheltering money overseas, that corporation is prohibited from doing business in the United States.
  6. The Federal Reserve MUST return all national banking and money supply to the Treasury as Constitutionally mandated within a 3 year time frame.
    1. The Treasury Department Shall Not delegate the Constitutional duties and obligations to any third party
    2. The Treasury Shall Not use fractional banking.  All money must be backed by precious metal.
  7. All administrative agencies not Constitutionally Mandated are immediately disbanded and considered Null & Void including but not limited to the following:
    1. EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
    2. DHS – Department of Homeland Security
    3. IRS – Internal Revenue Service – We have no need of the IRS.  It will be replaced with a simple monitoring body to ensure all funds are collected.
    4. ATF, DEA, SEC, USDA, FDA, DOE – Full List Here:
    5. No ‘Agency’ Shall Exist.  Congress has no authority to sub-delegate the limited ‘power-of-attorney’ that the Constitution provides for it to possess.
  8. State and Federal governments Shall adopt balanced budgets annually or semi-annually.
  9. All government accounting Shall be done under GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  10. The National (Federal) Government Shall Not exceed the enumerated powers delegated to it in the Constitution

Our national currency is on the verge of collapse due to the Federal Reserve diluting the money supply.  Administrative Agencies surveillance violates the privacy rights.  The IRS is bleeding our nation to death.  The Presidency has become an secret dictatorship.  Every member of congress has betrayed their oath of office.  Lobbyists have turned our government into the ‘best congress money can buy’.  Our national heritage, laws, policies and constitution have been sold to the highest bidder.  Corruption is the rule of the day in both State & Federal governments.  Our Constitution is all but defunct after decades of grinding away by traitors and treasonists who call themselves ‘representative’ of the people.

This revolt, while peaceful, will change everything.  Either we change it now, while words suffice, or we accept the ‘fundamental change’ that our governmental leaders have planned for us.

The word to describe that is, Slavery.  Enslaved by debt, monitored, castrated, emasculated, cowered, fearful and subservient to an elitist new world order that declares YOU to be food and livestock.  To be used, or abused, at the will of your masters.  It matters not the name or face of the master for they are all the same.  Tyrants whose ego and desire for power and money are fed by your demise.

Join me and spread the word.

Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.    -Winston Churchill

145 Responses to The Plan To “Take Back America” – Place ALL state and federal capitols under ‘Civil Disobedient’ Siege

  1. Jeramy July 13, 2014 at 1:51 am

    Well said and I thank you for the hard work you have put in. You are missing many details and other problems. This is not all or even mostly government. Government and big business are one in the same now. The problems go much deeper then you mention. Do us all a favor and dig deeper. Come up with a better plan. I just read this article today 7-13-2014. Never heard of this site or your agenda before. If you want change it is going to take some serious work and delegation. Find Peter Joseph. He can help with the core of the issues. One more thing can people please leave god and religion out of this. We are all grown up. I was Christian until 19. I am 29 now. If you still believe in god in any way shape or form please move aside for the real thinkers of this planet. We have no time for games and weak minded people who believe in super natural. Science is real and we have all the proof these day. Religion is just a trick used by people in power to have the common folk self govern there life. Look into it. We have real work ahead and can’t waste time on nonsense. Get it together. Thanks and good luck!

  2. Dave June 18, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    Mr Evans,
    first thing I want to say to you is a VERY BIG THANK YOU!!
    I am an Army Veteran, I couldnt wait to join the ARMY and take my rightful place in defending this Once Great Nation when I was a teenager. so much so that 12 days after I turned 17 and had just started my senior year in high school, I was at the St Louis MEP station signing my Delayed Entry Program enlistment; about 2 weeks after I graduated I was officially Active Duty Service, otherwise known as Disposable Government Property as it turns out, lol
    I come from a long line of Combat Veterans and my dream was to take my place in my family’s line, to hold my head high knowing that I could help defend “MY” country if so called upon, just as my Grandpa in WWII, Cousins had in ‘Nam, Uncles in Korea, Grenada, etc, etc Grandpa in WWII
    it never occurred to me that this was no longer the same country that it USE to be! It never occurred to me that we are ALL (well probably 98% anyways) just little pawns in a few rich people’s games!
    I never had questioned the attack on Pearl Harbor, we were taught the Japanese surprise attacked us in school; not the truth of how Politicians (the President included!) KNEW the attack was coming and used it as a way of introducing the US into WWII. damn sure not how the US government OPENLY LIED to it’s citizens about an attack in Viet Nam that never happened just to “TRY” to get American citizens to back the government for putting soldiers into yet another war America should NEVER have been involved in! **didnt President Johnson own a big share of Bell Helicopters that mass produced the Huey helicopters for the American Armed Forces? coincidence? dont get me started on the JFK assassination!
    more modern times, Sept 11, 2001, call me a Conspiracy Theorists if you want, damn sure doesnt hurt my feelings, but coincidences dont just happen repeatedly on the same day! the NORAD training “conveniently” being scheduled for that day, a Boeing jet “conveniently” buzzin the highway next to the Pentagon moving at approximately 500 m.p.h. that “conveniently” never blew a car off the highway (or evidently even just into the other lane?) then “conveniently” somehow missed EVERY SINGLE DAMN LIGHTPOST IN IT’S PATH before “conveniently” evidently disintegrating, starting with the wings that CLEARLY never touched the walls, the titanium Rolls Royce engines that evidently somehow disintegrated as well and so much more at just the Pentagon, the World Trade Center building 1&2 are the ONLY 2 steal structures in history to ever “melt” from burning jet fuel and “conveniently” fall at free-fall speed in the EXACT manner of a planned demolish! dont forget Building 7 that only sustained relative minor damage that the reporter let slip once they PLANNED its demise, then suddenly it was reported to “conveniently” fall from structural damage..
    and the list goes on and on and on and on more.
    sorry I got side-tracked but I wanted to make my point using the above examples of how the US government blatantly lies to its citizens. I am very grateful there are people like YOU in this country! People who speak up and TRY to inform the citizens of just how much the US government is trying to unarm us, enslave us, remove what power we have and tie the little strings to our bodies to make us dance like the little SHEEPle Puppets they think we should be!
    and HELL YES! NObama is somehow a worse President than even G Dubya was! I didnt know that was possible! NObama needs to be impeached for TREASON, then see if his wife is actually proud to be an AMERICAN for the 2nd day in her worthless life! then take clinton (BOTH) and deport them!
    my GrandDaddy useta say, take every damn politician, stand em shoulder to shoulder, shoot every other one of them, then ask the remaining ones if they were ready to actually, FINALLY, do their jobs! Im so damn fed up with every politian, I think maybe he was right!!`

  3. George Rogozinski April 13, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    Jim Brooks, it is hard to believe that you think obama is a good president. I can dispute others that you mentioned, too. Obama is a worst nightmare we could get. We couldn’t do worse. You have to be either blind of a fanatic democrat that you support him. Just think what his agenda is: war on Christians, elevating islam, weakening our military and at the same time building TSA, HSA. Direction very dangerous to our nation. TSA collecting information about everyone of us is set against Americans not terrorists. This government is preparing to war against its own citizens, it is obvious. Spend some time and study how power grab was done in pre-war Germany and European communist countries. It is a pattern. So supporting obama you are a problem, too. By the time you will wake up it will be too late. Good that we have enough guns to defend our freedom and we will use them to full extend if we will be forced to do so.

  4. Jim Brooks April 12, 2014 at 12:10 am

    Interesting. I’m a moderate democrat. President Obama, in my view, is an excellent president. I’m hawkish on defense issues and liberal on social issues. Overall, my beliefs mirror those embraced by Clinton, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, and to some extent, even Reagan and Nixon. With that said, I feel the new American right is a great threat to our republic. For that reason, I’ve stockpiled weapons and ammunition. Believe it or not. Thousands of rounds and high quality handguns. When the Tea Party comes, I’ll be the militia defending America. Bring it.

    • Michael Evans April 12, 2014 at 6:20 am

      The best news in your post is that you have a lot of weapons. When the truth hits you with a rifle butt as your being ordered by your former friends to appear at a registration center, at least you’ll have the wherewithal to change your mind and fight on the side of Liberty.

  5. Blas April 8, 2014 at 7:33 am

    We are over 300 mil. “just little ole me”.
    Just lil ole me can resist as 3 mil. when we get off the
    I’m just one mindset.
    Whatever your problem may be, I’ts now about the ones you love,where you lay your head and what awaits you if you think you are just ONE.
    I know where some of them live and work and know that they are more vulnerable than anyone on this side of the equation.
    I’ts sad the parasites are so overwhelmingly outnumbered.
    With or without peashooters.
    Enjoy your reclamation.

  6. dave February 7, 2014 at 5:35 pm

    We need to take up arms against this government -per George Washington – as they are the one s that have dishonored what America means.

    They have taken the law and have perverted it to meet their gains at the expense of this nation. What is the hell wrong with most Americans? where are you in voting these people out? IF you can’t join them then take up arms to oppose them and getting this straight. The people are the ones that control the government not the other way around.

  7. Jim Billings December 2, 2013 at 11:49 am

    What a great Idea but there are not enough people with balls to stand by it. Its like Obama-care no one gave a dam until they lost their insurance. Now we have their attention, but its self centered. Its like cancer even though its an epidemic there is not much interest until you get it and then you have an interest.

  8. Andrew Szmit August 30, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    I am honored to share your groups link on our page. But I must insist that my link is reciprocally shared here. Please let me know if you are able to share my link here so I can continue to let your link be shared on our page. Thank you fellow patriot!

  9. Mark Bogardus August 11, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    I really like what you are saying I might be able to do some of the idea’s you have. I have started going to a local group that is starting up kind of, but any way about two weeks ago I brought up the idea to try and get the county together and Boycott all federal voting’s and let me tell you, they thought that was just out of the question. They are trying to talk about it but do not want to get there hands dirty. I will still go because I may be able to do some local stuff but looking to piss people off in a nice way of course and getting things back to STATE OVERSEERS I guess you could call it that. Use all the STATES to monitor or have their REP’s monitored. They can form a watch dog type group to watch over the Federal Governments actions. So I would like to do what I can to help.

  10. Al Tashet August 3, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    You seek to do publicly when we advocate privately. We are all Brad Manning here, though. Stop paying the Beast, or speak against it, and the Beast devours you. :-)

    What we are doing is slightly different. – take your business off-net. Pay cash, trade in cash, starve the beast and work to elect honest men and women to rout out the Evil.

    I have not paid them in years and will not. I moved my business elsewhere and pay taxes to a foreign power. Once the system crashes, we can return, but not until. Our country is owned and run by those who seek,our enslavement, but please remember they have guns. They enjoy using them.

    Al Tashet, friend of Hiram Abiff


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